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What is Star Trek CCG?

In the Star Trek Customizable Card Game (Star Trek CCG) players builds their own play deck from a selection of these cards. 

The cards themselves are spectacular with images straight from the TV series. Also, most cards have 'lore' explaining the character or situation and even characters only glimpsed for a few seconds have lore officially approved by Paramount Pictures.


How do you play?

In Star Trek CCG, you can staff the USS Enterprise on a mission of exploration, dodging Nausicaan thugs, outwitting Ferengi, and tackling alternate realities (but watch out for Q!).  You can also choose to represent the Klingons or Romulans, who want to explore the galaxy for their own nefarious purposes, and don't like it when those puny humans get in the way!

You'll never run out of new ideas or new ways to play. The possibilities and strategies for Star Trek CCG are infinite!


Why should I order from Card Mania?

Card Mania stock Australia's biggest range of Star Trek CCG boxes, packs and single cards - everything you need to make that killer deck or help complete your sets. 


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The longest-anticipated set in Star Trek CCG history is now available.  All those tantalizing references on earlier cards will finally be realized in All Good Things, a limited-edition set that will mend all the "broken links" of First Edition. 

Plus, All Good Things features 40 exclusive new cards to extend First Edition gameplay.  (One is a dual-affiliation card with two border colors, both of which are included in the set, for a total of 41 premium cards.) But that's not all the good things you'll find in the full-color 600-card capacity collector's box.  You'll also find:

  • Ten Reflections booster packs, each containing one rare limited edition foil card plus a mixture of 17 cards from the Premiere through The Dominion expansions.
  • One 68-card Starter Deck II, including the eight premium cards found only in those decks.
  • One cellophane-wrapped U.S.S. Jupiter card. This hard-to-find premium card was previously distributed in the first release of the Star Trek Armada computer game.
  • A comprehensive First Edition collector's card list featuring over 3,000 entries.




Star Trek CCG heads to the movies, with a brand-new expansion set featuring 131-ALL NEW cards from all nine of The Motion Pictures!  Villains from Khan to Chang to Ruafo, perils from V'Ger to Genesis to the Nexus... Starfleet's finest are out saving the galaxy from them all. Whether saving the whales or searching for Sha Ka Ree is your idea of a good time, you'll find it in Star Trek CCG: The Motion Pictures.  Even the Voyager-only format is supported, with cards from the Voyager episode "Flashback" tying in to Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country.

Is that popcorn I smell?  C'mon, let's go to the movies!




The expansion set that Star Trek CCG fans have been waiting for since 1995 is now available.  Holodeck Adventures features cards from all your favorite holodeck episodes, from Dixon Hill and the town of Deadwood to Secret Agent Julian Bashir and Captain Proton.  Holographic personnel and equipment, holodeck "personas" of main characters, and other holodeck-themed cards are complemented by new Delta Quadrant missions, Q-icon cards, and many long-awaited "broken links."

Like other recent expansions, this 131-card set consists of 40 common, 40 uncommon, 50 rare, and one ultra-rare card.

PACK: $2.95    BOX (30ct): $39.95 + FREE BETA STARTER BOX



The Borg is the perfect companion set to the popular Voyager expansion and brings another 131 cards to the Star Trek: Voyager property logo (or Delta Quadrant mission ocon). The Borg features all new Borg personnel and ships, a new Hirogen affiliation, new cards for the Vidiians, Kazon, Federation, and other affiliations, additional Delta Quadrant missions, and new dilemmas, objectives, and other cards to enhance your Voyager, full environment, and Warp Speed format decks.

BOOSTER PACK: $2.95    BOX (30ct): SOLD-OUT


STAR TREK CCG: VOYAGERskvoy.jpg (10337 bytes)

Voyager, the tenth expansion set for the Star Trek Customizable Card Game, takes you to the Delta Quadrant for new dimensions of gameplay. 201 cards include the U.S.S. Voyager and its crew, new Kazon and Vidiian affiliations, dual-affiliation cards with different border colors highlighting the different affiliations, dozens of new missions and dilemmas, 30 selected commons and uncommons from other sets updated with all-new Voyager images and lore, and much more. Fully compatible with all existing Star Trek CCG cards, Voyager also supports a Voyager stand-alone environment and both sealed deck and constructed deck Voyager Warp Speed formats.

BOOSTER PACK: $2.95    BOX (30ct): $39.95 + FREE BETA BOOSTER BOX


STAR TREK: MIRROR MIRRORskmirror.jpg (7710 bytes)

Mirror, Mirror, focuses on the Mirror Universe in the original series and the repeatedly revisited on Deep Space Nine. Mirror, Mirror, will be the most character-laiden set on average, with 131 card in the set, including the Ultra Rare First Officer Spock.

PACK: $2.95    BOX (30ct): $34.95



Reflections is essentially a surprise packet with a twist - 18 card packs containing 17 completely random cards (from Premiere through to The Dominion) and 1 very special foil card.  Encompassing the most popular Star Trek CCG cards ever made this release represents phenomenal value for players and collectors alike!!!




This set of 21 new premium cards of Enhanced Premiere introduce dual Personnel cards, combined Dilemmas, and Mission II cards with outposts. Each deck contains 5 Premium Cards and 4 Unlimited Beta Packs. Cards include Data and Picard, The Trois, Sons of Mogh, Beverly and Will, Data and Geordi and Jean-Luc and Beverly.



STAR TREK: THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLESsktwt.jpg (5873 bytes)             

Star Trek The Trouble with Tribbles expansion adds some of the coolest and most anticipated characters and gameplay to the Star Trek CCG universe.

This expansion introduces a new and innovative 'game within a game'...a fast, fun and interactive game that will appeal to both CCG fans and anyone that likes Star Trek.

The Trouble With Tribbles contains 143 new cards, including one ultra-rare card (Dr McCoy, Capt Kirk, Mr Spock, Mr Scot, Starship Enterprise, Breen Warriors, tribbles & much more!!).

PACK: $2.50    BOX (30ct): $39.95 + (4) FREE TRIBBLES DECKS




Containing everything required to start playing the Tribbles game immediately (4 Tribbles decks for multi-player enjoyment, a scorecard and the rules) this quick, fun and easy game will appeal to Star Trek fans across the board.  While the game is totally unrelated to Star Trek CCG and only played with Tribbles cards, all of the Tribbles cards from the CCG are able to be utilised.

ONLY $9.95


STAR TREK: 2ND ANTHOLOGYsk2ndant.gif (5118 bytes)         

Each buff, sturdy, 800 card Second Anthology box packs 2 Starter Deck IIs, plus 2 boosters each from First Contact, Deep Space Nine & Dominion.  You'll find a new version of Dax and five more new, Premium black-border cards found only in Second Anthology.

ONLY $19.95


STAR TREK: RULES OF ACQUISITION   skroa.gif (4255 bytes)          

Introduces the Ferengi affiliation in a 130-card set that transforms Star Trek CCG tournament scene because it includes potent antidotes to decks built around Black Hole, Q-Bypass, bonus points, Computer Crash, Anti-Time Anomaly, Red Alert, Rogue Borg Mercenaries, Visit Cochrane Memorial, and more.  The set of 130 cards contains 50 Rare, 40 Uncommon and 40 Common cards, sold in 9 card booster packs.

PACK: $2.95    BOX (30ct): SOLD-OUT


STAR TREK: BLAZE OF GLORY   skbog.gif (5295 bytes)          

Star Trek CCG Blaze of Glory is all about the heat of warfare, bringing players more realistic battles, enhanced capturing and hand-to-hand combat, battle ready personnel, and the new Battle Bridge side deck.
The set's content is guaranteed to amplify gaming excitement for battlers and cool strategists both.  Don't be surprised at the blistering varnish on the gaming tables.   The expansion set of 130 cards contains 50 Rare, 40 Uncommon and 40 Common cards, sold in 9 card booster packs.

Plus, 18 foils - the first in any Star Trek CCG expansion.



STAR TREK: DOMINION   skdomi.gif (4348 bytes)          

Introduces the Dominion affiliation in a 130-card Limited expansion. Plus four special white-border preview cards that preview cards in future Star Trek CCG expansions. Included in the four preview cards are Seven of Nine and Captain Kirk.



STAR TREK: ENHANCED FIRST CONTACTskefc.gif (4534 bytes)         

Enhanced First Contact introduces the next evolutionary step for the Borg and for First Contact expansion.  Four different EFC packages (Dukat, Gowran, Tomalak or Bareil of Borg) will contain 3 different new black border premium cards and one transparent Borg overlay gameplay device, plus four packs of First Contact limited edition cards.

The three premium cards in each package are not randomized, so each group of three will always occur together in the same package, along with the same transparent Borg overlay.   The Enhanced First Contact package design will have a die-cut front, revealing the lead card, so you will always know which three premium cards are within.  In addition, a list of all twelve cards, in their groups of three, is printed on the back of each and every package.  Each of the four Enhanced First Contact packages contains a different new Incident card as one of its three premium cards.  All 12 new cards are Borg-related.



STAR TREK: PREMIERE STARTER IIskstart2.gif (3943 bytes)         

Decipher re-releases a core product of Star Trek CCG, the Premiere starter deck, with a new Premiere rule booklet (version 1.1) and 8 new cards specially designed for Starter Deck II.

Each of the new Premiere Starter Deck II's contain 60 randomized white bordered unlimited edition cards from the original 363-card Premiere set (2 rare, 13 uncommon and 45 common), 8 fixed black bordered new limited edition cards, and the Premiere (version 1.1) rule booklet.

ONLY $4.95


STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE   skds9.gif (6478 bytes)          

This double size set of 276 cards (plus the U.S.S. Defiant, a special "twice as rare" white-border card previewing a ship in The Dominion expansion) introduces the characters, aliens, settings and situations of the popular Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series.

The cards of this set are fully compatible with existing Star Trek Customizable Card Game product. Cards will be sold in 9-card expansion packs and in playable 60 card starter decks.  This set brings in new gameplay concepts such as the Bajoran wormhole, Gamma Quadrant and the Cardassian and Bajoran affiliations.



STAR TREK: OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT SEALED DECKskotsd.gif (6512 bytes)         

The Official Tournament Sealed Deck contains everything needed for challenging and well-balanced play.  Each and every set will contain the same fixed deck of twenty new black border cards, including doorways, outposts, ships and personnel. Also included in each set is four Premiere (white border) expansion packs and one Alternate Universe expansion pack.

The basic set is presented in six different box designs (each representing an affiliation) and holds 300 cards unsleeved, 150 cards in protective sleeves, or three 50-card hard plastic boxes.



STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT   skfc.gif (4703 bytes)          

The 130 cards of Star Trek Customizable Card Game First Contact introduce a new affiliation, The Borg, enhanced personnel battling and other gameplay innovations, including Objective cards and new deck sizes (the 30/30 Rule).



STAR TREK: 1ST ANTHOLOGYsk1stant.gif (7984 bytes)         

Each Star Trek Customizable Card Game First Anthology set contains two white border Premiere 60-card starter sets, two 15-card packs of white border Premiere, two 15-card packs each of black border Alternate Universe and Q-Continuum. You'll also get the premium (and preview) white bordered Warp Pack.



STAR TREK: 2-PLAYER BOXED GAMEsk2play.gif (4814 bytes)         

Each and every game set contains two pre-customized 60-card decks, one Federation, one Klingon, both of which are white-bordered. In addition, each includes the same 3 premium cards (a black-bordered Admiral McCoy and Data Laughing and a white-bordered Spock) and 11 new white-bordered mission cards.

The two-player game is published in two distinct editions. Edition #1 (blue box) contains a set of three new black-bordered premium Federation cards, the same in every set. Edition #2 (red box) similarly contains a set of three new black-bordered premium Klingon cards.



STAR TREK: Q-CONTINUUM   skq.gif (4790 bytes)          

The Q-intessential expansion set of 121 cards brings to life the irrepressible personality of the elegant prankster, Q.  Prepare yourself for fun as this endearing entity throws you into one improbable situation after another in his quest to keep himself entertained, and you, the players, guessing.

Open the door to the Continuum and watch these cards warp reality.  Your strategies and game plays will never be the same.

PACK: $2.50     BOX (36ct): $29.95 + FREE BETA STARTER BOX


STAR TREK: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE   skau.gif (4268 bytes)          

The 122 cards of Star Trek: The Next Generation CCG(TM) Alternate Universe introduce the idea of opening "doorways" to other dimensions.  Experience time travel, parallel universes and alternate timelines.  Play blackjack at the Royale Casino.  Attempt a new dimension of missions. Contains the ultra-rare Future Enterprise...use it to travel to the ends of your spaceline at warp speed.  You can even find Data's Head!  This set expands the game play into surreal worlds and different phases of existence.

PACK: $2.50


STAR TREK: SILVER BORDER TIN SET (LIMITED EDITION)skcoltin.gif (3468 bytes)         

These beautiful, limited edition tins contain all 363 cards from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game Premiere Edition.  Among the favorite cards inside are the U.S.S. Enterprise and the entire "bridge crew."   Distinguished by a silver border, the cards are considered highly collectable.

ONLY $119.95


STAR TREK: PREMIERE (BETA)   skprem.gif (5603 bytes)          

The 363 cards of the Premiere Edition contain a galaxy of characters and story elements from all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation television series.   Available in both starter decks of 60 cards, or in expansion packs of 15 cards this edition introduce the ships, crew members, aliens, defenses and missions that players love best.  They provide each player with a solid foundation from which to "expand his power in the universe."

PACK: $2.50     BOX (36ct): $29.95





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