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What is Star Wars CCG?

In the Star Wars Customizable Card Game (Star Wars CCG) players builds their own play deck from a selection of these cards. 

The cards themselves are spectacular with images straight from the Star Wars film trilogy. Also, most cards have 'lore' explaining the character or situation and even characters only glimpsed for a few seconds have lore officially approved by Lucasfilm Ltd.

How do you play?

In Star Wars CCG, you can take on the role of either the Rebellion or the Empire, and try to deplete your opponent's 'Life Force' by battling him on the ground and in space. Doing so, you will learn to master the Force and free the Galaxy from Imperial Tyranny -- or as you try to put an end to this 'insignificant rebellion!'

Why should I order from Card Mania?

Card Mania stock Australia's biggest range of Star Wars CCG boxes, packs and single cards - everything you need to make that killer deck or help complete your sets. 


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STAR WARS: THEED PALACE Bravo 1            

Theed Palace focuses on the finale of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, exapnding the core Star Wars CCG and enhancing the popular Episode 1 environment introduced in the Tatooine and Coruscant expansions.  The set features new main character cards, including the first Darth Sidious character card and two of the most powerful cards in the game – Darth Maul With Lightsaber and Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber, previously available only through tournament play.  Look for a new version of Mace Windu, Gungans, Neimoidians, the first underwater locations, and much more!




Decipher's Reflections products are among the most popular CCG products ever introduced. Reflections III continues the tradition with new main character cards, objectives, Defensive Shield cards, new foils, and much more!

•   Lightsaber Combat Objectives and theme cards from the exhilarating Episode I Finale!
•   New Main Character Cards – Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Leia, Lando, Boba Fett, and Darth Maul.
•   New weapons, starships, vehicles, and more will energize new and old gameplay strategies with more power than ever before!
•   Sideboard cards – For the first time in Star Wars CCG history, the 60-card limit will be broken.
•   New foil versions of existing rare and premium cards, as well as 6 foil previews of cards in the yet-to-be-released Theed Palace expansion set.

Each pack contains a foil card, one Light Side premium card, one Dark Side premium card, and 15 cards randomly inserted from previous Star Wars CCG products.

Reflections III... Great for seasoned players, perfect for new players!



STAR WARS: CORUSCANT Chancellor Valorum            

Coruscant takes another giant step in the evolution of gameplay for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game!   Now players have a choice of their game play environment – Episode-1-only format, original trilogy only, or the standard format using the entire Star Wars CCG universe.

The Tatooine expansion provided players a preview of the Episode 1 universe and Coruscant now brings it into full force!   This expansion is rich in all-new gameplay and exciting elements from the Episode 1 installment of the Star Wars saga.  A whole new arena is added that allows you to take your place in the Galactic Senate with Senator Palpatine, Queen Amidala, Chancellor Valorum, and their many political agendas.  New Jedi, the Jedi Council, new combo cards, new objective cards, and more!



STAR WARS: TATOOINE Darth Maul            

Star Wars newest expansion Tatooine is an integration of the original trilogy and Episode 1 - bringing a new evolution of gameplay and strategy.

90 all new cards will add key elements to existing strategies, revisit some previously popular strategies and introduce new deck types.  With characters such as Darth Maul & Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars CCG has never been more challenging....




Reflections II is the newest expansion for Star Wars CCG.  Comprising of 18 card random boosters, this 105 foil card set (1 special Japanese Vader foil case card, 4 box toppers, 4 ultra rares, 62 super rares and 34 very rare cards) showcases the best that Star Wars CCG has to offer.



STAR WARS: JABBA'S PALACE SEALED DECKSW Jabba's SD boxshots.bmp (402742 bytes)             

Jabba's returned and this time its in a sealed format. The deack cntains 20 black-bordered cards (10 Light Side and 10 Dark Side), the same in each set, created specially for the JPSD. As well as the premium cards, the decks contain 6 packs of Jabba's Palace expanstion boosters (9 cards).

The Sealed Deck box holds 300 unsleeved cards, 150 cards sleeved, or three hard plastic 50-card boxes. There are six Sealed Deck box designs in all.



STAR WARS: DEATH STAR IIswds2.gif (21573 bytes)             

"You want this don't you?"  Finally the Emporer arrives, and he is bringing friends in the way of Sim Aloo and Janus Gretius. Lord Vader makes a appearance, while the Rebellion is also well represented with Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker making an appearance as well as new versions of Lando, the Falcon and Wedge.  Then of course there is the Death Star II.

Featuring aspects from the final section of the Return of the Jedi movie, Death Star II is an essential part of the the Star Wars CCG universe.

BOX (36ct): SOLD-OUT  STARTER: $9.95 each


STAR WARS: 3RD ANTHOLOGYsw3rdant.gif (3720 bytes)         

Inside every buff, sturdy Third Anthology card storage box are delivered six new Premium cards (A New Secret Base, Prisoner 2187, Set Your Course For Alderaan, Artoo-Detoo In Red 5, Echo Base Garrison & Massassi Base Operations), one each Special Edition Light Side and Dark Side starter deck, two Jabba's Palace (limited) boosters, two Premiere (unlimited) boosters, a Glossary and Special Edition rules booklet, and a checklist of all Star Wars CCG cards published to date.



STAR WARS: REFLECTIONSswrefl.gif (5541 bytes)             

Each Reflections pack is of 18-cards.  In each and every pack there is a foil version of one of 114 of the hottest rare cards from Star Wars CCG (Premiere through Special Edition expansions).

These foils are of three completely new foil rarity types.  The remaining 17 cards are a totally random cards. There are potentially both black and white border cards of all rarity types from Premiere through Special Edition expansion sets in each pack. There is no fixed distribution of cards.



STAR WARS: ENHANCED JABBA'S PALACEswejp.gif (5209 bytes)            

Can you say Mara Jade?  Finally, the fabled character (from the Timothy Zahn novels and 'Tales From Jabba's Palace') comes alive as one of the 12 new Premium cards for this enhanced set.

Each of the four Enhanced tuck boxes (C-3PO, Boussh, Master Luke & Mara Jade) contains 4 booster packs from the original Jabba's Palace expansion set plus 3 new Premium cards.  You'll know exactly which 3 Premium cards you're getting in each EJP tuck box because the die-cut front will reveal the face card (one of the four different face cards).



STAR WARS: ENHANCED CLOUD CITYswecc.gif (4655 bytes)

Want to expand your 'Mains with Toys' collection? Now you can. With new piloted starship versions of "Lando In Millennium Falcon" and "Boba Fett In Slave I," wicked Cloud City decks are close at hand.

Each and every Enhanced Cloud City set contains 4 booster packs of Cloud City (Limited) expansion cards, and 3 new Premium cards.



STAR WARS: ENDORswendor.gif (3624 bytes)

Expect new play experiences whether you mix with cards of earlier sets or construct Endor-only decks.  The standalone set's cards are designed for battle, focusing on the struggle in and around the Imperial control bunker on the forest moon itself.  In fact, almost all Endor sites are battlegrounds.

The killer speed and maneuverability of AT-STs and speeder bikes is translated into gameplay.  Endor's designers have designed ways to help the low-ability unique Imperials and Rebels.  Scouts win big.  Older scouts get a lot of help from Endor.  And yes, there are Ewoks.



STAR WARS: ENHANCED PREMIEREswepp.gif (3402 bytes)

Each Enhanced Premiere Pack contains contain 4 Premiere Unlimited (white border) expansion boosters, and 1 of 6 brand new premium cards based on the following characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader or Boba Fett. Each of the six new cards combines a character with a weapon.



STAR WARS: SPECIAL EDITIONswse.gif (4236 bytes)

Double expansion with 324 cards, representing themes, characters, starships and aliens that appeared from beginning to end of the Star Wars trilogy (original and special edition footage) sold in 9 card packs in 30-pack display boxes.  There is also be 60-card Special Edition starter decks, Light Side and Dark Side, six of each type in 12-deck display boxes.

Other important components of the Special Edition are essential documents The Rules version 2.0 and Star Wars CCG Glossary - a copy of each is included in each Starter Deck, and the new operatives card type.

BOX (30ct): SOLD OUT

STARTER (LIGHT/DARK): $9.95 each


STAR WARS: 2ND ANTHOLOGYsw2ndant.gif (1957 bytes)         

Each and every copy of this follow-up to the successful Star Wars Customizable Card Game First Anthology set will contain 2 black border Dagobah expansion packs, 2 black border Cloud City expansion packs, 8 white border Premiere packs, and 6 new rare white-border preview cards. The six preview cards will offer an early glimpse of some of the game's most highly anticipated expansions: Special Edition, Endor and Death Star.

The Star Wars CCG Second Anthology is packed in a durable and attractive 800-card storage box.



STAR WARS: OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT SEALED DECKswotsd.gif (6947 bytes)         

18 black-border cards (9 Light Side and 9 Dark Side), the same in each and every set, created specially for the OTSD. Look for new locations, characters, and starships that will help create a more even playing field in the sealed-deck environment with the new "enhanced format." Each contains 4 white border Premiere expansion packs (15 cards each), plus one black border A New Hope expansion pack (15 cards) plus the 18-card fixed pack.

The Sealed Deck box holds 300 unsleeved cards, 150 cards sleeved, or three hard plastic 50-card boxes. There are six Sealed Deck box designs in all.



STAR WARS: JABBA'S PALACEswjp.gif (4088 bytes)

In this 180-card expansion (in earlier plans, called Return of the Jedi: Tatooine), it'll take a clever strategy to save your friends from the Bounty Hunters and Jabba The Hutt. Jabba's Sail Barge, the Rancor, the Sarlacc Pit, Bib Fortuna and a host of aliens will enter into the game in this expansion.

Gameplay and cards introduced in Cloud City will be fulfilled by Jabba's Palace.   Rebels will disguise themselves and try to sneak into Jabba's stronghold (with the villains are not easily fooled). The battle on the Sail Barge and the skiffs will be a test of strength for Jabba's guards as well as for the rescuers.

BOX (60ct) $59.95


STAR WARS: CLOUD CITYswcc.gif (4702 bytes)

The 180-card Cloud City expansion takes Star Wars CCG gameplay to the skies!  The Empire's setting a trap for young Skywalker, and they're using Han as bait.  Bounty Hunters will begin tracking down their prey.  Lando Calrissian will have to decide between aiding his old friend and obeying the Dark Lord.

Your characters will be able to explore Cloud City (is it ship? is it a vehicle? wait and see...). Cloud Cars, carbon-freezing, Ugnaughts and Lobot will be included in this set. Lightsaber battles will be explored and Luke must face Vader to discover his true heritage. His faith in the light side of the Force will be tested. "



STAR WARS: 1ST ANTHOLOGY            sw1stant.gif (6723 bytes)

"Value packed" describes this Star Wars CCG compilation.

Each set contains 2 white border Premiere starter decks, 2 A New Hope black border expansion packs and 2 Hoth black border expansion packs, and the 11-card premium Jedi Pack.

Six white border preview cards are included free: Commander Wedge Antilles, Boba Fett, Jabba's Influence, X-Wing Assault Squadron, Hit and Run and Death Star Assault Squadron.   Best of all, every card is tournament playable.



STAR WARS: DAGOBAHswdago.gif (5374 bytes)

"Help you I can, yes." The eccentric Jedi Master Yoda begins training apprentices on the jungle planet of Dagobah.  Dagobah is filled with tests, creatures, and other dangers of the jungle.

The first Star Wars CCG expansion to be sold in 9-card packs in displays of 60 packs each.




STAR WARS: HOTHswhoth.gif (3526 bytes)

It's a bleak time for the Rebellion. The Dark forces of the Empire have driven the Rebel forces into exile on the ice planet of Hoth.

Thundering AT-ATs, fierce Wampas and perilous natural conditions are captured in the set's 162 cards.




STAR WARS: A NEW HOPEswanh.gif (5911 bytes)

Based on A New Hope, the first installment in the Star Wars trilogy, the 162 cards of the expansion set delve deeper into the concepts and characters of the Star Wars universe.

It introduces new varieties of cards--creatures, epic events, and the Death Star (mobile location card)--that make exciting new play scenarios possible.




STAR WARS: 2-PLAYER GAME            sw2play.gif (3284 bytes)

The two-player game provides two players with everything they need to begin play.   Each game includes a Light Side and a Dark Side deck, each comprised of 60 common cards.  There is also a 15 card Premiere expansion pack tucked in every game.   In the first 50,000 game sets produced, the expansion packs are Limited Edition: in the remainder of the game sets, the 15 cards are Unlimited Edition.

The starter decks include three different persona each of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.  These six common cards are not found anywhere else in the Star Wars Customizable Card Game universe.



STAR WARS: PREMIEREswpreml.gif (3149 bytes)

The Premiere cards(available in Limited and Unlimited) are based on events and characters from the first part of the Star Wars trilogy, A New Hope. Composed of 324 cards, Premier is available for purchase in 60 card starter sets.

The set contains a little bit of everything you love best about Star Wars...with main characters, locations, aliens, weapons and starships.  These cards give every player a solid foundation from which to build winning Light and Dark decks.

LIMITED: STARTER: $9.95 each

BOX (36ct): Sold-Out


BOX (36ct) Sold-Out




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