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What is WARS TCG?

WARS™, a proprietary science fiction property and trading card game from Decipher has the same game mechanics that made Star Wars CCG one of the industry's leading core products. All original art including contributions from John Howe, famed artist from The Lord of the Rings.

Year 2391. The moon and Mars have long been colonized. Two alien races —the Shi and the Quay emerge from a great tear in the fabric of space-time. This “Mumon Rift” is an open door to both discovery and, ultimately, war, as the Earthers, Gongen, Mavericks, Shi, and Quay flex their diplomatic and military might to gain control over the resource-rich solar system. Survival of the fittest rings true as each faction battles for supremacy and domination. The Wars™ TCG combines Decipher’s original Star Wars CCG mechanics with a new sci-fi universe and original art that will unfold with each new expansion.



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It is 2392. Earthers, Gongen, Mavericks, Shi, and Quay are in all-out conflict on and around Ganymede to secure the mysterious element, traginium. In Nowhere to Hide, your faction will maneuver to acquire traginium assets, beef up their weapons using the new quickdraw keyword, and gain immunity from attrition with matching commanders.

Nowhere to Hide includes 167 all-new cards: 55 each common, uncommon, and rare, plus 2 premium foils found only in starter decks. Two "themed" 60-card starter decks – "Cats and Claws" and "Overlords" – will each contain 5 foil cards (two copies of a premium foil found only in starter decks, plus foil versions of three additional Nowhere to Hide cards) plus a mixture of Nowhere to Hide and Incursion non-foil cards. The 15-card booster packs each contain one rare (or rare foil, in approximately one in eight packs) plus a mixture of commons and uncommons (all from Nowhere to Hide).

BOOSTER: $3.50 pack / $79.95 box (36ct)

STARTER: $9.95 each




This first set, Incursion consist of 330 cards, with 110 rare cards, 110 uncommon cards, 100 common cards, 6 starter only cards, and 4 premium starter only foils. A foil card subset is inserted 1:7 packs on the average in the booster packs.

Each booster display contains 36 packs of boosters. Each booster pack contains 15 game cards (1 rare or foil card, plus a mix of 14 common and uncommon cards) for use with a pre-constructed starter deck.

BOOSTER: $2.95 pack / $69.95 box (36ct)

STARTER: $9.95 each







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